Brutal honesty – a commodity in short supply

I’ve been so busy writing guest blogs, I’ve woefully ignored my own. My first guest posting appeared on Shaun Jeffery’s blog. A writer I’ve a lot of time for.

I met Shaun in his role as a fitness instructor. He used come across to give a few pointers on my inability to exercise. We’d often chat about families etc. I was always grateful when he stopped me doing too much on the machines!

Even though he’s many years younger, Shaun started treading the path of writing a couple of years before I did. He introduced me to flash fiction, as well as Internet publishing.

It’s been useful to have another writer to contact every now and then. The one thing I know about Shaun is that he is brutally honest. However, as this honesty is wrapped up in a passion to create the best writing he can, it’s a fabulous resource to be able to call on.

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