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Eye catching

I’m sure there are a thousand comments as to why this lady caught my eye, but one of the myths that follows my thinking is that Medusa was the only mortal Gorgon, Although she’s the most famous, there were two more and they were immortal. Where are they now? Do they still live in Greece, or did they migrate abroad.


Demons on the roof

Most folk know I’m addicted to Greece. I love the people, the way of life and of course getting some warmth on my body.

They’re a people who seem to take their religion seriously. When you grow up with images like these over your head, I suppose I can understand why.


This is from the monastery in the centre of Kefalonia. The place is set in the middle of the only flat piece of the Island. Of course, the inhabitants of the place care about the people around them. Being the only good growing land they could choose to grow food, but instead it’s a massive vineyard growing grapes for the “world famous” Robola wine.

As a non-drinker, I can’t vouch for the stuff, but as most Greek alcohol can be used to remove paint from doors, I doubt the French wine growing region fear it taking over.

Taking inspiration …

Or snapshots depending how you see it.


On a recent trip to Lesvos I spotted this place. Can you imagine the ghosts wandering the corridors? I’ve been kicking around ways to include this into a story.  It feels Steam Punk to me, but that’s probably the way my mind is running at the moment.