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Writing Narnia in the Modern World

Last night I was reading CS Lewis The Silver Chair to my Grandkids, (boys, 5 and 8).


I reached the point where the children were in Harfang the Castle of the Gentle Giants, when they found out they’d just eaten a talking stag. I came to the line:

But Puddleglum who was Narnian born, was sick and felt as you or I would feel if you found out you’d eaten a baby.

I did hesitate and wonder if I should edit as I read.

I know it’s a book from a different era (1953), when the war was fresh in peoples’ minds.  It’s also a series I’ve read at least a dozen times over the years.

As my current project is a retro, Narnia style book I’ve been conscious that some of the scenes are battles, with swords and the injuries they can inflict (no lost heads). I’m not sure how well these scenes will be received by modern parents, but I have stuck to keeping the “retro” style.

I would be interested to know what other people felt. If they think this is too strong?

PS: I read it