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What to read after Hunger Games – Does Shudalandia cut it?

mockingjayTHE HUNGER GAMES is set in a future world, often known as a dystopian world. We are told the districts were formed to control the masses and support the excesses of the the ruling classes. There has been a catclysmic event, almost certainly a nuclear war that has left Earth stripped of population and reshaped the landmasses.
It has teenager romance, sanitised for the American definition of young adult. Violence however in abundance because its okay for an American teen to wield a weapon, but they’re not supposed to see a naked body.
The weapons the Districts can use are primitive, but with futuristic twists. Guns, explosives and mutations sit alongside the swords and especially the bow.
We have a strong female lead. By choosing her path Katniss is merely trying to save her sister and survive, but finds her role becoming the symbol of freedom.

I found the set of three books in the Hunger Games readable and enjoyable.

Amara's Legacy Cover SMALL AVATARSHUDALANDIA is a fantasy world. It might be another planet, or it could be an alternate universe. Technology beyond the wheel hasn’t occurred. As well as humans, the entire expected species exist, dwarfs, elves, dragons etc. Where ever it is, it certainly isn’t America after the war.
It has romance, but less sanitised to match the publishing norms for the target ages. We also find violence in abundance. It is however somewhat less graphic than the Hunger Games.
We have strong female leads. In fact we have a nation full of them. Unlike Katniss, instead of standing alone as the only person with sufficient courage, Maryan begins as a mediocre warrior. Never achieving her goals purely by weapons, but needing to learn other life skills, such as negotiation, manipulation and even seduction. She is the glue holding the band of heroes together.


If you’re looking for strong female characters it scores. However, Shudalandia has more adult themes and scenes. Where most can accept the possibility of nuclear war, many find magic and dragons a step too far for their imagination.
It targets the top end of the same age group. If you can cope with dragons and magic, give it a try!

Amara’s Legacy Shudalandia book 2

Amara’s Legacy now live

Amara's Legacy Cover MEDIUM WEBAfter what feels like an age, I have now completed and released Amara’s legacy in paperback and ebook.

After the promotion of Amara’s Daughter took it to number two in the fantasy charts (free) sales have continued.

I hoped to give myself a break from Shudalandia, but the third book has already grabbed me and demanded to be written.

Maybe one day I’ll come up for air.

Amara’s Destiny is being written.