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Progress Report – Amara’s Destiny

scrivAfter the last few months of the day job taking a huge slice of time, I am trying to catch up some writing before the holiday season cuts in.
Amara’s Destiny is currently sitting at 80k words and I’m guessing it will hit around 110k in total.
I’m back on the edit cycle of the development, leaving the heroes poised ready for the start of the end (to paraphrase Churchill).
I’m still using the 10k at a time writing and then a full edit technique from Conrad. I’ve been using Scrivener’s colours on the chapters to keep track of how many passes each section has been through.
I suspect I’m going to have to extend the shades available as the number of passes increases. At least it helps me to get a quick idea where I’m up to. The darkest blue being sections I have printed and edited on paper.
No matter how much I try, I don’t see errors until they go into print.
I need enough in my head to work on. When I drive, I often run through the story and try to add a little more tension and complexity to the plot.
No idea when this will see the light of day. Once its complete I really hope to get my children’s story (Pog and the King)  into print.