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Temple of Hercules



The temple of Hercules in the ancient Agora set amidst the craziness of Athens. This has to be one of the most tranquil spots on the planet. To wander these precincts in the heat of the day is magical. To imagine the hubbub of the people swarming, probably so similar to the Greeks of modern times, is a special feeling for me.

It’s so sad that Greece is now where it is. I know the saying is that people get the government they deserves, but how cursed are they?

I will walk these paths again, the sooner, the better.


Writing for learning difficulties

I’ve just engaged with a woman trying to put together a fictional package for adults with learning difficulties. I confess to knowing nothing about the topic, but little knowledge has rarely held me back from leaping in with both feet.

Apparently, the focus is on simplicity of language, plus adding images to explain and highlight points. I’ve already started to think through a couple of short stories I’ve got on my hard disk that could use a facelift. I’m also wondering if it might be a sensible approach to reengineer an already successful story.

Seems like a worthwhile effort

Blogging on the lovely Chrystalla’s site today.

Might be a tad tongue in cheek, but having created a new urban species, I’m going to have to write something with them in. Unless somebody else is going to step up to the crease?

I’m drawn to the idea of urban because I think the reader has less to do to get themselves into the world the story is set in. They already understand mobile phones and the internet. All we need is a plausible way to explain the fantasy elements.


My Dad Writes Porn

My second outing as a guest blogger caused a stir. It was picked up by a Japanese porn site and is being linked to from all manner of sleazy places. My dad

Of course this wasn’t what I was planning at all. All I wanted was to explain how I think I can use sex scenes to increase the tension of a piece

Brutal honesty – a commodity in short supply

I’ve been so busy writing guest blogs, I’ve woefully ignored my own. My first guest posting appeared on Shaun Jeffery’s blog. A writer I’ve a lot of time for.

I met Shaun in his role as a fitness instructor. He used come across to give a few pointers on my inability to exercise. We’d often chat about families etc. I was always grateful when he stopped me doing too much on the machines!

Even though he’s many years younger, Shaun started treading the path of writing a couple of years before I did. He introduced me to flash fiction, as well as Internet publishing.

It’s been useful to have another writer to contact every now and then. The one thing I know about Shaun is that he is brutally honest. However, as this honesty is wrapped up in a passion to create the best writing he can, it’s a fabulous resource to be able to call on.