Monthly Archives: April 2015

You see a sandcastle …

I see the river realm of Aquaterran.

sandcastleOn the beach with my grandson last week we built a sandcastle and added the mandatory turret on the top. We moved on to the moat and the stream needed to fill it from the encroaching tide.

To give our masterpiece a little longer, we threw up a shield wall and a couple of extra deep lakes.

At this point the writer cut in and as we worked, the landscape at my feet took on life. The exiled princess was trapped, waiting for her army to catch up. The wicked magician high in his turret held her people under an enchantment. Only the princess held the key to release them and she was lost in the wilderness.

My grandson hadn’t a clue this was happening. To him, I’d merely stopped digging. He thought Granddad was being lazy and not pulling his weight. Maybe that’s true as well.

What came first, the day dreams or the fantasy? Judging by the comments of family and friends I think the daydreams have always been there.

Will the story ever see the light of day? Possibly, after all the others queued up waiting to be committed to the computer.