Standing up to back pain

I’ve been a back pain sufferer for almost as long as I can remember. If I let up on my regime of exercise I can guarantee I will only manage a few days before I regret it.

I tried using an exercise ball as a chair, but in honesty it didn’t seem to help much and it took over my small office. When it had a run-in with my seven year old grandson and a letter opener I decided not to replace it.

There was an article in the press recently about how people benefit from standing for a period each day. Not that easy when you spend 99% of the day at a keyboard. Undeterred and feeling I wanted to try it, I searched the internet for various devices. There are hugely expensive electric desks that will rise and lower. I could have used a pile of books and boxes, but with my wife’s new minimalist approach to clutter that wouldn’t last. Ikea claim to have a full range of office equipment to suit, but as their website requires time to load and I have the patience of a bear with a burr in his fur, I gave up on them.


There are items similar to this on Amazon, but as a sucker for a good promo video I opted for a slightly more expensive one from The booklet that comes with it shows people using their computer, sitting, lying, kneeling and standing. It all looks quite exhausting!

In truth, I doubt I will ever know if this is helping, because as I said earlier, if I’m diligent with my exercises, I can go for months without a twinge. What I can say is that for the last few mornings I’ve woken up feeling as if I’ve slightly overdone the sit ups. (Overdone as in done some!)

It’s supposed to burn 25- 50% more calories (than what isn’t stated) therefore, I can allow myself a few more thought-inspiring nibbles. Which, as I am currently working on the kitchen table are all too easy to succumb to.


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